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Z1 Basic 1x1 Bi Color LED Panel Normal CRI 90

Cost effective 1x1 bi color panel from Zabolight.


Barndoor in a Bag for The Z1 1x1 LED Light

New product from Zabolight. Lets you control the light spill and direction of the Z1 LED light panel. Simply snaps into a SNAPGRID, while you strap it on the light.


New 1x1 LED Panel The Z1 Digital and the New Snap Grid

Show and tell of the new Zabolight Model Z1 Digital and a new accessory, the Snap Grid.


Z1 Extreme, A new 1x1 Bi Color LED with Extreme Light Output

Zabolight's newest 1x1 , you haven't experienced extreme output until you use this LED.


Zabolight Model Z4 LED Fresnel Mini HMI Output

LED 4 inch fresnel zabolight with spot and flood. 5600k Mini HMI at a great price.


Zabolight LED Studio Install

Greg Sabo of Zabolight replaced all of a television station (NBC4) tungsten light with Zabolight dmx daylight studio fixtures. The station will see a reduction of ...


Lishuai LED576ASVLK Bi-Colour LED Light Panel

The LED576ASVLK is a very portable single Bi-Colour LED light panel kit. The panel features 576 LED's of which 288 are 3200k and 288 are 5600k. A rotary ...


Lishuai LED-1024ASVLK Bi-Colour LED Panel With Carry Case

The Lishuai LED1024ASVLK LED Light has 512 x 3200K and 512 x 5600k high brightness LED's and features a dual dial & Backlit Touch screen LCD Panel ...


Build Your own LED Kit From Zabolight

Zabolight selling a new hard case which comes with (1) Light. The rest of the kit can be filled any way you want. allowing you to pick and choose what lights and ...


Zabolight High Performance LED Product for 2013

Description of (3) New LED Light Models for 2013. Daylight High performance led light panels.


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