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LED Bulbs: What to Know Before You Buy

Energy-efficient LED light bulbs have gotten brighter and warmer since the early days of this technology. The best bulbs, although pricey, make colors pop in a ...


Which LED Light Bulb Should I Buy?

Watch our Updated Buying Guide for 2015! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBEZ3sHlb3k It's our LED Light Bulb Buying Guide! We'll match up your favorite ...


What to look for when buying LED Headlight Bulbs | Headlight Revolution

We've tested TONS of LED headlight bulbs and in this video we want to show you everything we've learned about them and what to look for and keep in mind as ...


Everything You Need to Know Before Buying LED Lights

Are you looking to replace the lights in your home with LED lights? It's a decision that makes a lot of sense, because although the initial cost of LEDs is high, over ...


How to: Selecting the Right LED Aquarium Light

http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/aquarium-lighting/aquarium-led-lighting.html Choosing the right LED light for your saltwater aquarium can be a daunting task.


RV Life: Tips for buying LED lights

To finish off the last two videos about all my LED lights. Cheers everyone.


Why you use the led light, How Much Energy Can LED Light Save

Base E14 LED Light Bulbs E27 LED Light Bulbs Power 3W LED Light Bulbs 4W LED Light Bulbs 5W LED Light Bulbs 6W LED Light Bulbs 7W LED Light Bulbs ...


FAQ: Cool White vs Warm White LED lamp/fixture bulbs

Cool white or warm white? Soft white vs daylight LED. What color temperature LED bulbs to get for the house. *** Like, share, comment, subscribe!


Low Watt LEDs vs T5 Grow Lights: Seed Starting / Lettuce Test

Seed starting in a small scale urban garden does not need to be complicated. You don't need fancy lighting. But the LED grow light market has become glutted ...


Understanding & choosing colour temperature in LED lights

David Geldart of Lumicrest Lighting Solutions (www.lumicrest.com) demonstrates different colour temperatures of LED lights, when to choose what and the ...


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