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How to make a super bright LED light panel (for video work etc)

Here's how to make a super-bright LED light panel. It's equivalent to a 1000w incandescent light bulb, and it's super useful for video work as it has a daylight ...


HUGE Video LED Panel Review

We take a look at the massive Falcon Eyes 27” LED Video Light! This edge light outputs tons of soft light without the space needed for soft boxes. Check it out on ...


7 Great Video LED Lights Under $50

Today we look at 7 killer LED video lights that cost less than $50 each. You can find each of the lights below. Watch Part 2 ($50-100) here: ...


PIXAPRO LED 1024B Bicolour LED Video Light Panel

PIXAPRO LED 1024B Bicolour LED Video Light Panel Features: • Controllable Colour Temperature 5500k and 3200k • Low heat emissions • Energy Efficient ...


Cowboystudio, 500 Led Video Light Panel

Cowboystudio.com, 500 Led light panel for video shooting http://www.cowboystudio.com/product_p/fancier%20500%20led.htm The 500 LED video panel uses ...


1000 LED Dimmable Video Photography Panel Light

1000W LED uses 1000 ultra bright, 5200K LED's Panel and has an equivalent output of 1000 watts of incandescent light yet draws about 110 watts. The 5200K ...


【Excelvan】Review Excelvan 680B LED Studio Video Light Touching Panel Adjustable 3200K-5600K

Product --http://www.amazon.co.uk/Excelvan-Adjustable-3200K-5600K-Temperature-Camcorder/dp/B00SGTOB16 Excelvan 680B LED Studio Video Light ...


Online LED Lights.co.uk - LED Panel Lights (Available in two colours)

Product link: http://www.onlineledlights.co.uk/led-panel-lights.html LED Panel Lights are an amazing new development in lighting technology and is used to ...


F&V Led Video Light k4000 Panel For DSLRs Camcorders Camera



Kamerar D-Fuse Softbox for LED Panel Lights

For interview or talking head video shots, I like to soften my Aputure Light Storm LED Panels (LS1s) to ensure that the light looks as flattering as possible.


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