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A look inside some eBay panel indicators. (with LED based rectifier!)

Continuing the theme of industrial control panel products from China I bought a selection of control panel indicators including standard sized units and the ...


Neat 120-240V chunky LED panel indicator light.

By popular request, a look at the chunky panel indicators I used on the generator changeover switch video. These ones came from this eBay listing:- ...


How to Assemble LED Panel Light Step by Step | LED Light Manufacturing Part- 4

LED पैनल लाइट कैसे Assemble करते हैं| LED BUSINESS PART 1 VIDEO LINK --------------------------------------------------------- How to Start LED Lights...


how to make led light bulb 220v, without transformer

how to make led bulbs at home - With only a 105J capacitor, with no transformer and transistor, you can light up 42 leds with only 2w power - 220v led lamp ...


Panel LED 230V



Bulk USB LED lights.

These little PCB lights that plug directly into a USB port have really crashed in price since they first became available. It appears they are manufactured on large ...


SIMPLE 120/240 VAC LED Power Indicator

If your looking for a simple AC mains power indicator, then look no further. All you need for this is an LED, one resistor(1/4w but 1/2w is better), 100ma fuse, and ...


Video of LED Factory

LED factory. LED dip 3mm/5mm/8mm/10mm. Good quality. Delivery fast.


Built a 200W LED Panel

This video shows how I built my 200 Watts LED panel. It also explains a little bit about the light spectrum. The panel is built from cheap LED stipes plywood and ...


How to make an LED Light Panel

How to make an LED light Panel As part of the new spray booth I needed some lighting and an LED panel was what was needed. So here's me throwing one ...


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