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Moonlight LED Lighting For my Corn snake.

LED Moonlighting i got for my Corn Snake "Motley", They work awesome and makes the Tank look great at night..:O)


How to Light a Snake Tank | Pet Snakes

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Caring for Corn Snakes : Corn Snake Habitat Lighting

Corn snakes need a light in their cage for health reasons and so you can see them. Learn how to pick out the right light for corn snake cages in this free pet care video. Expert: Cordell...


Corn Snake Heating And Lighting

In this video, I outline the basics in providing the correct heating and lighting for your corn snake. This is arguably the most important variable when it comes to keeping them in the captive...


proper set up for corn snake

charcoal corn snake, 54cm long 24'' 25'' 25'' viv 60watt incandescent red light bulb for both light and heat thermostat day temps: hot side: 29-30 degrees cold side: 26-27 degrees...


Vivarium Lighting Demo

My vintage PDF vivarium with Current Satellite LED Plus lighting.


Corn Snake Exploring Riparium

A young corn snake having a small aquatic adventure.


Corn snake setup October 2015

This is my setup for my two corn snakes Willow and Oskar. **DISCLAIMER** They have always lived together, as far as I know. (I re-homed them from a family who could no longer care for them)....


Heating And Lighting, Corn Snake Vivarium

This is an info vid on how to set up the perfect heating and lighting for your corn.


Finished corn snake setup!!

this is my finished anery corn snakes setup!!! i am really proud of it and i hope you guys like it! sorry for the bad lighting.


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