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Solar Home Lighting System

Solar Home Lighting System with Solar Panel, LED Light, In Built Charge controller with Lithium Ion Battery and Mobile Charger.


Do LED lights for home use impress?

LED lights for home use are now much improved but how do they work in practice? SuperHomer and Interior Designer Oliver Heath reports from his home in Hove. To visit homes with LEDs installed,...


How to set up a solar power 12 volt light/charge controller/led

How to install solar panel/charge controller/battery and night light. I sell the pole mount kits on my website affordablesolarmounts.com. https://www.amazon.com/shop/markp0177 Here is a...


FortuneArt LED - India's best LED Lighting manufacturing company

FortuneArt” The name speaks volumes in itself,a dream to make things that happen or are to happen in ones life with aesthetic principles of what is beautiful,appealing or more than ordinary...


DIY a dropped ceiling light box

DIY a dropped ceiling light box with the Kinook system more info at: www.kinook.biz.


Philips LED Lamp 9.5W Teardown

A Philips LED Lamp which stopped working is dismantled to see what is inside. 9.5W, 220-240V. Warm white 2700K. The LEDs are 24 individual surface mount items arranged in series. These...


LED filaments

Messing about with "Filament" LED strips from domestic LED lamps. Design info for clock : http://electricstuff.co.uk/ledfilclock.html.


RGB Digital LED Tape Effects Within Living Room Cove

See the great benefits of RGB Digital LED Tape within a domestic living room cove. What is Digital Tape? Digital Tape is a colourful, flexible and flowable LED strip light that offers exciting,...


Portrait Photography using continuous lighting

Gavin Hoey explores with the use of the smick.co.uk 3 head super softbox continuous lighting kit to take portraits. The kit is powerful and versatile, this is an alternative to studio flash...


Colour Rendering Index (CRI) LED Light Quality Explained

In this video James describes the difference between a standard and high CRI LED downlight, what CRI means in terms of domestic LED downlights and what effect will occur in your home.


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