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How to change LED downlight driver (Singapore Version)


How to change a downlight from Halogen to LED

Replacing a 50 watt Halogen downlight with a 12 watt LED downlight and comparing the light output in lumens. http://www.ledecolighting.com.au.


How to change a 12v halogen downlight bulb in a metal ring style - Emergency Electrician 24Hr

How to change a 12V down light globe in a older cir-clip / metal ring holding in globe type fitting , which is in some old houses/ buildings in Australia .If unsure at any stage , please use...


DIY How to change a 12V down light halogen globe twist style Emergency Electrician 24HR

How to change a 12V down light globe twist type fitting, which is the most common style in Australia today. If unsure at any stage, please use a licensed electrician. ALWAYS make sure the...


Changing a light fixture to a high efficiency LED recessed light

Changing a light fixture to a high efficiency LED recessed light. This will give a new, modern, updated look and use less energy.


Changing a GU10 bulb for a 5 watt Led bulb with new chip technology

Change those awkward ceiling fitting GU10 recessed bulbs, with new LED 5 watt super bright with new chip technology. Showing the difference before and after fitting 6 of these in my kitchen...


Teardown of a fully integrated LED downlight.

I'm not so sure it's a good idea having a downlight where you can't change the lamp without fiddling with wires, but I guess these are a marginally cheaper option for an installer due to their...


led downlight installation manual

shiningstar Radar Series led downlight installation manual.


12W CCT change LED COB dimmable recessed downlight

CCT rang CCT change downlight rang from 3000K to 2000K with SHARP COB.LED COB recessed downlight.cut-out: Φ95mm.12W power.dimmable downlight from 1% to 100%.3000K RA92,2000K RA94.welcome to...


New design LED COB downlight to replace traditional

You don't need traditional ceiling light anymore,all in one design replace traditional ceiling spotlight, new design COB downlight with surprise offer.


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