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Buy Aluminum LED Downlight with Best Heat Sink

http://www.upshine.com/led-downlights/surface-mounted-downlight/dl38-cob-surface-mounted-led-downlight/ High lumen aluminum LED downlight with best heat sink functions. Advanced thermal solutions...


Down-lights: The Issues & The Alternatives

http://www.ecoMaster.com.au TRANSCRIPT: “Halogen Low-Voltage down-lights have been popular for a long time now. You may have some in your home. There are many issues associated with down-lights...


Heat Efficiency and its importance for LED lighting

Breve vídeo donde Collingwood Lighting demuestra la importancia de una buena gestión térmica en el diseño de accesorios de LED. Contacta con nosotros para más información: info@monolitic.com.


Halogen Downlight Lamps - Dichroic vs Aluminium Reflectors

MR16 halogen lamps with two types of reflectors - dichroic and aluminium. With a dichroic reflector, most of the heat is emitted from the back of the lamp. These should NOT be used in downlight...


LED Downlight, 6 Inch Dimmable 13W LED Recessed Ceiling Lights, 5000K, UL FCC, Recessed Retrofit Kit

Nice and bright, Your options when upgrading 6 inch can lights are either BR30's or you can use this retrofit style. My personal preference is to this retrofit style. The quality and feel...


The Halo Surface Mount LED Downlight (SMD)

The Halo Surface Mount LED Downlight (SMD) is an ultra-low profile surface mounting luminaire with a modern look and high performance.


Dangerous GU10 LED Spot Light is Cheap and Bright but could Kill You - Seriously

Help support Julian's LED videos on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/julian256 This GU10 LED spot light is cheap (£3 including postage) and bright. But it's also lethal! There's a 50% chance...


Heat dissipation comparison between LED G4 and halogen bulb

12SMD Side pin LED G4 Bulb Cool White The led G4 bulb has a overwhelming superiority over the halogen one in various aspects, as you know, high energy efficiency , enviroment friendly,...


Opening and test of my new 20W LED bench lights.

Well this turned out bad! I spent a lot of time deliberating on what sort of lights to get for my workbench that would provide good working light and also work well with a camera. I chose...


G4 LED, save 90% energy & heat by replacing halogen G4 bulbs to LED.

Replacing Halogen by LED, form 100 Watt Halogen to 10 Watt LED. Saving energy, heat production and money. The Philips CorePro lEDcapsuleLV 2-10 W 827 G4, produces beautiful warm white light....


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