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Ebay LED down light globe compare

Comparing 2 different LED globes off ebay for comparison to 50W halogens. Talk bit bout efficiency n stuff.


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LED Downlight, 6 Inch Dimmable 13W LED Recessed Ceiling Lights, 5000K, UL FCC, Recessed Retrofit Kit

Nice and bright, Your options when upgrading 6 inch can lights are either BR30's or you can use this retrofit style. My personal preference is to this retrofit style.


Testing high power 3W LED from ebay

The LED draws the advertised 3W at around 3.7V (0.8A), the LEDs should be operated between 3.0-3.7V. Using higher voltage than 3.7V will just produce a lot ...


SDGMB #002 eBay Mailbag! 1W LED Mini Adjustable Downlights

Second in a regular series of random items I purchase from eBay. New EE episode tomorrow designing a DC-DC buck converter to drive these LEDs!


Teardown of a flat LED panel ceiling light.

These seem to be everywhere on ebay, so I randomly made a bid on one from a UK supplier and won it. So here's a full teardown, showing what's inside both ...


Don't buy eBay LED lights

Showing the problems I have with my home LED lights made in China.


Downlight LED 18W Watt turned into a new Ceiling lamp Cool Light AC85-265V (Aliexpress)

Downlight LED 18Watts converted into ceiling lamp. EUR € 15,53 US $19.64 http://www.aliexpress.com/snapshot/6287163598.html?orderId=64169793166307 ...


LED Downlight Kit 6 Piece 1 Watt

http://www.superbrightleds.com/moreinfo/recessed-downlights/1-watt-led-mini-recessed-light-kit--6-piece/1592/ 6 Piece Recessed Downlight Kit with 1 Watt ...


Cheap 1W LEDs from Ebay!

We test some cheap 1W LEDs from Ebay, claimed to have high CRI (color rendering index). Definitely worth a laugh, they do not even have an uniform ...


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