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How to make slime With (HandWash & Washing Up Liquid!!!!!)

You can watch my other channel videos!!! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=myjPfYZeyh8.


How to make slime w/o glue, borax, & laundry detergent

This is like an alternative slime. For people who don't have the other ingredients to make the regular slimed w/ glue, borax, laundry detergent, etc. Go to my other channel about 5sos+1D...


How to remove clothing security tag

Using a magnet to remove a clothing security tag. (My wife paid for it - I swear!)


CONTROVERSIAL Fabulous Food?? | Agave Nectar | MagicalCharlotte

READ ME*** Wahey! Nice to see you here...downstairs, (haha). I posted a video a month or so ago where I said I didn't want to make eating disorder videos anymore. This is still true...


Eating crisps. Outtake1.

Ok, so we wanted to video ourselves eating packets of Quavers. We got the idea from iCarly, when Spencer applies for whynotdateme.com. It took us so long to actually get the video done, so...


SPICED CHICKPEA WRAPS (VEGAN) - So fresh and so clean!

How to make Spiced Chickpea Wraps! Vegan friendly and so xtremely delicious. Perfect as a light and healthy meal that won't leave you feeling bogged down. Ingredients: - Chickpeas - Spinach...


SkinnyPop | Back To School

Simple tastes better. Even kids agree. This school year send your little one off to class with the tastiest school snack there is, SkinnyPop! Stay in the loop on all things SkinnyPop: Subscribe...


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