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How to Make Your AR-15 Lighter: Best Light Weight Accessories, 5 lb AR Build

The weights, prices, and a quick overview of the best muzzle devices, handguards, barrels, stocks, grips, uppers, lowers, and everything else you need to put your ar 15 on a diet and still...


$3,000 AR-15 vs $1,000 AR-15: Lightweight Carbines Compared (with DocTacDad)

Is a $3000 premium, lightweight AR-15 really that much better than a $1000 AR-15? DocTacDad and I aim to find out. Check out DocTacDad's video about his gun: https://youtu.be/ZGOVzCAJRAc...


Budget $20 AR-15 Light Wont Quit !!! (Nitenumen Ne01)

An amazing Light for your AR this thing wont stop working. The Nitenumen Ne01 from gear best is worth every penny and is tough as nails !! Link Nitenumen NE01 Cree XM - L2 1000Lm http://www.gearb...


Live: Latest Lightweight AR-15 Build Overview

Faxon barrel: https://goo.gl/HgMjFH Faxon handgaard: https://www.rainierarms.com/tyrant-design-mod-grip-chevron-medium-grey?acc=e4da3b7fbbce2345d7772b0674a318d5 Aero receivers: https://goo.gl/VBa...


3.414lb Lightest AR-15 in the world shooting video

Brief up close look and shooting video with the Lightest ar15 Rifle in the world. Currently not for sale, but when all the paperwork is done, rifles will be made custom order for sale. 3.414lbs...


The World's Lightest AR-15

At just 3.5lbs, Fostech might have just created the world's lightest Ar-15. Available in early 2017, look for it at https://www.fostechoutdoors.com/ We hope you enjoy the video and as always...


Light-Weight Skeletonized AR-15 & April Giveaway Announcement! |WE ARE GIVING THIS RIFLE AWAY!

SUB TO ENTER GIVEAWAY: http://bit.ly/SUBSCRIBETOENTER Don't forget to post your best comment! Support us on Patreon!: http://j.mp/GiveBackJM 15% off of F-1 Firearms! Use 'GETSOME' at checkout!...


AR-15 Flashlight Comparison: Streamlight vs. Surefire

Flashlight Comparison for AR-15: Streamlight Protac Railmount HL-X vs. Surefire m600 Scout Light Flashlights: *Streamlight ProTac Railmount - http://amzn.to/2wYLtJJ (Select the 1000 lumen...


Best AR-15 Build in the World

You don't need and probably shouldn't spend ANY money on the stuff I show in this TNP AR-15 build video. Truth is the rack grade value AR will serve most LE and civilian users just fine…most...


Home Defense AR-15 (How to Setup Yours!)

When setting up a Home Defense AR-15 buy the best. Period. A Home Defense AR-15 has to perform, it cannot fail. So your Home Defense AR-15 must use the best. In short I recommend an Aimpoint...


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