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One of the strongest lightweight materials known

A team of MIT engineers has successfully designed a new 3-D material with five percent the density of steel and ten times the strength, making it one of the strongest lightweight materials...


Boeing: Lightest. Metal. Ever.

Microlattice is the lightest metallic structure ever made. At 99.99% air, it's light enough to balance on top of a dandelion, while its structure makes it strong. Strength and record breaking...


Making a Material Difference: Light, Strong, Durable Titanium Aluminide

The Low Pressure Turbine (LPT) durable, lightweight materials with temperature TiAl offers half the weight of conventional metals with all the durability required in the LPT. Only CFM has this...


New Discovery Could Unlock Graphene's Full Potential

It's time for an update on graphene, that super material of the future! Scientists have come up with some new ways of making it that are easier and cheaper than ever before. Charge Your...


$2,500 USD Habiterra Affordable House

This 47 M2 Habiterra home was built in Mexico in 14 hours without any equipment, skilled labor or pre-fabricated parts. The gray cost including electrical and plumbing installations included....


Smart Bricks - A New Way to Build

Kite Bricks is developing a revolutionary product that will change the way we build houses, buildings, bridges and sidewalks. From now on structures will be real thermal, much more stronger...


Graphene: Composite Materials

The uses of graphene composite materials have many promising commercial applications and it is possible we could see graphene having an impact on transport, aerospace and sporting goods in...


New Nano Material Can Stop Speeding Bullet

A new nano material developed by scientists can stop a speeding bullet. Could paper thin material stop a speeding bullet? Scientists from Rice University and the Massachusetts Institute...


Printed schwarzites may be building material of the future

Inspired by the elegant structures found in nature, Rice University engineers are using computer models and three-dimensional printers to design strong, light and durable materials with a minimum...


Light & strong: Metal 3D printed parts in every BMWi8 Roadster

The BMW Group starts manufacturing revolution with series production of several thousand parts by using metal powder laser melting, a high-tech aerospace production technique. Find more informati...


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