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Smokin' ebay 100, 200 and 500 LED fairy light strings from China.

Part of me loves these strings of lights because they are cheap and cheerful, but part of me also knows that quite a few people have probably been given an ...


10 LED Light Uses with Fairy Firefly String Lights

showing you guys 10 ways to use firefly string lights to decorate your house. I love fairy glowing stuff. These LED lights are from Oak Leaf. These string lights ...


Ebay 2m Copper String Battery Operated Fairy Lights Review

A review of some cheap Ebay 2m Copper String Battery Operated Fairy Lights I recently purchased from Ebay. Dirt cheap at only AUD$2.55. They've gone up ...


Analysis of a 100 LED string of "wire lights".

This style of LED string used to be quite expensive, but it's clear that it lends itself to mass production well as the price has come crashing down quickly. This type ...


5 DIYs with String Lights

Watch in 720p HD! F O L L O W M E !!! http://www.instagram.com/cyn1890 https://www.twitter.com/#!/cyn1890 http://www.cynlights.tumblr.com/ ...


LED sign pixel strings.

You can buy strings of 50 LED pixels on ebay for making signs with. They are basically LEDs and resistors moulded into plastic plugs that clip into 9mm holes in ...


How to Install LED Light Strings: Adapters and Taps

LED bulb accessories: http://www.ledholidaylighting.com/led-installation-accessories.aspx Visit Us At: http://www.ledholidaylighting.com/ While shopping our site ...


DIY Concrete Lamp | LED String Lights

Make a lamp using concrete and led string lights. Help us create future projects here: https://www.patreon.com/diycreators View all my plans ...


FEIT color changing LED string bulb review | Costco Buy

This is my review of the FEIT electric 48ft color changing LED string bulbs you can buy at costco.


Run LED strings on USB chargers and power banks.

This is a very simple project to make an adaptor that lets you run parallel strings of LEDs from USB power supplies and power banks. The types of string it can ...


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