Y O U    C A N    H E L P    M A K E    L I V E S    B E T T E R

Yayasan Bina Insan Malaysia (YBIM) or Malaysia Foundation of Human Development is a non-profit organisation established to spearhead healthy human capital development among Malaysians to build progressive, caring and loving communities.

YBIM has formulated initiatives and programmes with the purpose of bringing together all races to build a caring and loving society. 

YBIM will nurture peace and understanding, which are vital elements building first class citizens to achieve a long-lasting progressive future for Malaysia. With this integration, YBIM's aims to do its part in having Malaysians irregardless of race, religion & creed to live harmoninously as one.

On the international front, YBIM has put together many leadership and entrepreneurship programmes to constantly upgrade knowledge and skills of our workforce. They will be highly competent, ethical, responsible and accountable for all their actions. YBIM aims to assist Malaysia becoming a role model of success and prosperity for many developing nations.