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What Can I Use As A Substitute For Corn Oil?

Substitutes for shortening nutrition healthy eating fitday. Grapeseed oil is high in mono and polyunsaturates, it has a smoke point often used as substitute for olive gives synonyms, equivalents,...


How to Make Truly Edible DIY Slime! - Crumbs

SOPHIA'S SLIME! Make a sugar solution with two tablespoons of icing sugar and enough water to make a liquid. Add edible glitter and food colouring until it is as bright and sparkly as you...


Vaping Maple Syrup - Will It Vape?

Today I try vaping maple syrup? Will it work? Will it be disgusting? Will it be surprisingly good? Let's find out!


Can syrup make slime??

This was so much fun to do it smells so good too! Thanks for watching please subscribe for more fun videos like this I'm almost at 2000 subs so please subscribe and also go check out my other...


How to Make Speed Cube Lubricant Easy

Hey Guys, Takeshia here to teach you how to make your own speed cube lube. This lube consists of Glycerin and Conditioner (Alternative for Glycerin is Olive Oil, Vegetable Oil, or Light Corn...


Is Glycerin And Corn Syrup The Same Thing?

Synthetic glycerin is made from corn syrup, cane sugar or a petroleum-based ingredient called propylene. Both animal-based and synthetic glycerin can be used in the same amounts as vegetable...


What Can Be Used As A Substitute For Glycerin?

Any substitutes for pg or vg? . Is there anything i can substitute for vg or pg (preferably vg) 13 dec 2014 so should you use sorbitol glycerol what? Or whether need to perform any other special...


Build Your Own Density Tower

Learn the density of household objects based on where they float in the tower." Here is what you'll need! How to Create a Density Tower SUPPLIES Honey Dark Corn Syrup Light Corn Syrup...


ZOOM Season 3 - ZOOM Sci: What's More Dense?

What's more dense? Sender: Paul of Eagan, MN Demonstrators: Kaleigh and Rachel Materials: one cup of water one cup of light corn syrup, one cup of cooking oil (like vegetable...


Homemade Marshmallows

Impress with your own homemade marshmallows! They're a great treat to eat on their own or floating in hot chocolate...perfect for the winter weather :) Buy your equipment here: KitchenAid...


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