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DIY Cube Light - quick and easy (MEHS) Episode 69

DIY Cube Light - quick and easy (MEHS) Episode 69 In this video I show a quick and easy build of a cube light for video work using 3 x 9 volt batteries, a switch and a MR16 LED downlight. ...


How to Make a 9 Volt LED Light with a Switch!

Hi Guys..This Easy to follow demonstration video in performed with a 9 Volt battery, you can do it!! I welcome any questions or comments on this situation..Hey and don't forget to subscribe!...


LED bulbs that flicker, and CFLs that almost never did

You can support this channel on Patreon! Link below While the CFL is pretty much done being a thing these days, it was a really great invention for saving energy. But some people claimed...


3W, 5W, 7W, 9W same-range LED lamp teardown.

I saw these lamps being sold on ebay and decided to get one of each to compare them internally and externally. They use standard capacitive dropper circuitry (Even the 9W one!) and I have...


MR11 2.4W DC12V Pure White SMD LED Downlight

More information: www.welinksolar.com.au.


10 Watt LED on 9 volt battery part 2

10w LED is 800-900 mAmp at 9-12 volts 10w / 900 mA = 11.1 volt 8.2v * 1.3 mA = 10 milliwatt (with 300 ohm resister) 9.6v * 270 mA = 2.6 watt 8.8v * 270 mA = 2.4 watt 8.8v * 4mA = 35 mW...


LED Tutorial: Light a 10W LED from 12V - Simple & Cheap

Help support Julian's LED videos on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/julian256 A cheap and simple way to connect a 10W LED to a 12 volt supply. A current regulated LED driver keeps the LED...


How to Connect Multiple LEDs Together - Tutorial - make a string of lights

Fun and creative projects with LEDs can be made with just a little bit of knowledge. In this video you will see how to hook up multiple LEDs to a single power source using 2 different methods....


Mr Resistor - Contour LED 9 watt downlights from LED United

The Contour Round is a high power Cree LED downlight that provides a strong vibrant light. It is ideal for location in bars, clubs, kitchens and living rooms as either the primary or secondary...


10 watt LED on 9 volt battery part 4

how low can you go what does a resister do to the light 9.6volts needs a resister on the 10 watt LED circuit 8.2volts rechargable and no resistor needed what would a 7.96 volt battery illuminate...


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