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How To Retrofit Your 250W Metal Halide Flood Light Fixture Using LED Corn Lights!

HTM Lighting Solutions is proud to share with you an educational video on how to upgrade your existing inefficient Metal Halide and/or High-Pressure Sodium ...


StarLED Ballast Bypass Instruction for LED High Bay Installation

This is the video instruction on how to bypass the ballast of a high bay light which uses a metal-halide high bay light. We want to replace he metal-halide light ...


LED Corn Lights --Laura@lrmled.com http://szledcornlight.en.made-in-china.com/

LED Corn Light is the perfect replacement lamp of HPS, HID, MHL, CFL and Incandescent bubs, and mainly used in garden, street, warehouse, shopping mall, ...


ETL 120W led corn light, replace 360w watt metal halide

ETL 120W led corn light, replace 360w watt metal halide(http://www.bbier.com/ETL-120W-led-corn-light-743.html), ETL 120W led corn light , 360degree, 14sides ...


Grow With Halogen 500 Watt Try one

For the first time I grow indoor with Halogen , Seed From Eu , Comment Can join We Group / Talking About Growing And Anything About Weed ...


Megaman CLusterlite 60w Retrofit lamp

A review of a Megaman Clusterlite. The lamps is designed to replace Metal halide/mercury lamps in commercial fixtures.


35w hps running on 150w street light

Damm this was bright idea. Changed the lamp holder to accept standard eddison lamp. The.lamp is 35w I think.as no markings on it and.has built in starter, ...


How to upgrade SON Street Lighting to LED using an LED Retrofit Lamp

Signature offer a wide range of Retrofit LED Lamps to upgrade existing SON and SOX Street Lighting. This is a short video to illustrate the simple process to ...


Installing a LED Retrofit for Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium boltelectricsa.com

Check out our newest video retrofitting a shoebox light with the new flex mount and 3rd generation retrofit kit:: Latest video: ...


Lithonia 100watt Metal halide light

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